People being lazy and not working
Penney Martellaro-
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Penney Martellaro Entrepreneur
Why doesn't anyone want to work anymore?


Life is not easy and that old saying is so appropriate "Life is like a shit sandwich, some days you take a big bite, some days you take a little bite, but every day you take a bite". Many blame their circumstances or their environment for not being able to be successful, when in reality those are just excuses and they use them to justify and rationalize their failures.
I am sure you have heard all the excuses:
  • I have no Money
  • I'm not smart enough
  • It is too hard
  • It takes too long
  • I'm not going to waste my time
  • I'm not talented
  • I can't do it
Sound familiar? It is much easier to just quit and go back to your comfort zone, where you can complain and be jealous of those that did what is necessary to succeed. It's easier to just say, they must be lucky or know some secrets that they don't share. Bologna! Isn't it time to be honest with yourself and just admit you are LAZY? (definition: not willing or not wanting to work or use effort to do something)
Unfortunately, the reality is, most will not become successful in their  businesses.  An online business takes a lot of work, determination, and a commitment if it is to succeed. You have to get down into the grunge and work, work, and work some more.
You have to be able to look at the Big Picture, into the future, and say you are willing to stay the course. You have to be willing to suffer some, rise above frustrations, always moving forward and knowing that everyone has to pay the dues. Did you hear that?
Yes, we all have to pay our dues, we all have to do the work, and we have to keep on going every single day. The actions you take, even the small ones, will determine whether you become successful or not. You see, It is really up to YOU.

How many times do you get distracted?


The internet is full of hype and shiny objects. You probably get hundreds of emails daily that tell you to  go here and learn this or that. "The Best Kept Secrets Revealed" is another one used by many. 
If you spend the time it takes to open those emails, you have left money on the table. You have to train yourself to either unsubscribe or just not have your email account/s open. There is a time and place to read  those emails, but get your WORK finished first.
Do you ever feel like you are constantly looking at all the new information available, constantly watching training videos, and always trying to learn more and more? Do you think you have to be a guru before you can start working? I know how you feel, and I am also guilty as charged.
Now, I am not saying you don't need to learn, but with each lesson you need to create a way of sharing it with your potential clients. The beauty of the internet is you don't have to know everything, you just need to be actively providing helpful information.
Once you have a PLAN and DAILY schedule to follow, don't stray, keep at it and watch your business grow. You will find that you have more time than you thought, as busy hands are happy hands! What seemed to be such a chore will then be a pleasure and your comfort zone will be expanded.
Google will become your best friend and you won't need all those distractions. Concentrate on one thing at a time, do it well, then move on. Don't over complicate and don't get overwhelmed, after all you are not trying to reinvent the wheel, it is already there for you to use.

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Bet You Have Seen a Lot of This?


I am always amazed at how many new programs come on board with this message. You don't have to do anything (Sounds Great!), all you need to do, is sign up, pay a price and sit back and watch the money flow into your bank account.
This was the first thing I looked for when trying to find a system I could promote 11 years ago. I knew you had to work to earn REAL money, it didn't just fall out of the sky into your lap. Sorry, but that just doesn't happen. Do you have any idea how many hours Bill Gates put into his business in the beginning? I'm sure he would have worked circles around most of us.
Unfortunately today I see many who are just not willing to put the time and money into a long term business. There is too much wanting immediate self-gratification. Far too many fall for the Get-Rich-Quick Schemes and never make any profit. Those are the same people who have labeled everything online a scam.
Granted, there are many of these so called opportunities available and far too many lazy folks looking for them. No one seems to want to invest in themselves or a business, they are only looking for that which is FAST & FREE. It's true, "You get what you pay for" and most of these are owned by people who are just trying to make a buck, not really interested in whether you succeed or not. It's funny how once you start making a decent income, they just up and disappear.
So, before you jump in, do some checking out on the owners, their company and look for such things as:
  • How long has this company been in business
  • Does the person you are dealing with have a good reputation
  • Is the business easy to duplicate
  • Is the cost upfront or do you have to join first to find out
  • How many upgrades do you have to complete to earn money
  • Is this something you would be proud to put your name on
  • Are you sure the so called Mentor will be there to help you
I think you get the picture. There are many legit  systems online  and I encourage you to find one and stick with it until you have it up and running, then maybe find another one, as you should NEVER put all your eggs in one basket.
I personally got tired of depending on other businesses, and made the wise decision to start my very own, helping others to succeed. I hope you got some value in my blog and if so, would you kindly leave a comment.

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