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Are You Wasting Your Time?
Are you spending your time thinking too much? Are you wondering if you are good enough to ever earn any money with your new adventure?
It is very normal to question yourself, everyone does at sometime or another, even the "Big Guys" and the so called "Gurus".
What you have to do is change what you are spending your time thinking about. Instead of worrying about being a failure, look at this as a learning experience. Whether you are successful or not, at least you have gained some knowledge as to what works and what doesn't. We all have trials and errors.
When you have an idea or something you want to accomplish, go for it! Don't over think it! Take action and start creating. After all, it's the action that will propel you forward.
Are You a Perfectionist? 
If you suffer from this, you must get over it. Everything you do online doesn't have to be perfect. If you get  caught up trying to make every project so, you will be wasting a lot of time. (I know, I suffer from this ailment!)
Just have a plan, stick with it, and tell yourself "It is Good Enough"! Don't try to do everything at once, stay on task.  You can always go back later and spruce it up, if needed. In fact, you should always be adding more content, Google Search loves that!
If you are a MASH Fan (the TV show), you might remember when Charles Winchester III was told to speed it up in the operating room, his reply was "I do one thing, I do it extremely well, then I move on".
Limit yourself, become an expert on one thing, then you can move on and become an expert on the next. If you are in the process of creating a course, doing blogs, building your websites, posting ads, etc. you are going to burn out fast.
Concentrate on Your Goals, One at a Time..
Pick a goal and set a time limit to meet that goal. Think about some ideas of things to do that will help you reach your destination. Say NO to everything else. 
You will be tempted to do all the meaningless tasks that will just sidetrack you from your one goal. You can do all the reading, watching videos, going to webinars, etc. later. These are just excuses for procrastination and you will never reach your target.
It takes determination and discipline, but in the long run it will pay off and you will be a better writer and creator, which should always be your top priority.
How to Avoid Being Stumped....
All of us have times when we get stumped. Instead of wasting time doing nothing, maybe it would be good to leave what you are creating. Get away, go for a walk, visit with your family, eat something, take a nap or do what I do..take a bubble bath.
Once you have left your project, new ideas will easily come to you and when you have a great one, return and write it down. Sometimes it is productive to just leave it for a day or two. It isn't going to go anywhere and being fresh, you can look at it more clearly.
This would also, be a good time to edit your piece. Just remember, it isn't uncommon to ask for  help. Find a friend, a family member or someone you respect online to give you advice or tips.
You could even ask a few of your clients to proofread and let you know what they think of your new creation.
Whatever You do, Always Take ACTION!

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